Being an Architect with an emphasis on structural engineering,  I have often taken care of the entire design – engineering – permitting process: doing the topographic survey, architectural design, the construction/ permit drawings, structural design, energy documentation, and the permit processing required by various county and city jurisdictions.

Focus on Residential Design ~ Integrating Interior & Exterior Spaces: Successful outdoor rooms / extensions of the interior to the outer garden, allow a harmonious balance between openness to nature and privacy of the space. This integrative “Open Air Architecture” concept is possible to design for most homes, even subdivision style houses, to take advantage of one’s outdoor spaces.

Sustainable Green Eco Home Design is connecting with nature, our immediate surroundings, and is foundational to our well-being. “Making the most of,” or in modern terms “conserving,” materials at hand to create a shelter for living goes back to basic principles all humans of the past used to build shelters within their local environments.