Open Air Architecture

Focus on Residential Design ~ Integrating Interior & Exterior Spaces

The interior/exterior space relationship can be so much more than simply a “patio or deck”. Successful outdoor rooms / extensions of the interior to the outer garden, allow a harmonious balance between openness to nature and privacy of the space. This integrative “Open Air Architecture”concept is possible to design for most homes…even subdivision style houses…to take advantage of one’s outdoor spaces.The ability to move between inside and outside without physical or mental barriers, helps us reconnect with nature and ourselves. Sitting in a private sunny space, eating a meal outdoors, sleeping under the stars should be everyday experiences not relegated to once-a-year vacations.A new dynamic is added to the living space when it has a relationship to nature and its surroundings, making one’s property much more livable. Such an integrative lifestyle is an important stress release counterpoint to the hyperactive culture we live in.

Having a “green eco friendly lifestyle” can also mean living within the blue-green sky-tree-plant community. The San Francisco Bay area and the northern California / north coast climate lends itself to this outdoor experience. Opening your house to the outdoors through skylights, windows, and glass doors without compromising privacy is another way to integrate “Open Air Architecture” design principles into your home.

Though it’s not always possible to capture a great view, we can design houses to capture sunlight on a wall, include spaces open to the sky or the garden, while still allowing for the privacy of being “at home.”

sheltered hallway with long skylight and enclosed garden room photo

Successful indoor-outdoor space integration: a sheltered hallway with long skylight opens up to an enclosed garden room.

douglas murray AE perspective drawing of exterior eco house remodel

Perspective drawing of exterior remodel for an eco friendly California home.

sunlight patterns on a tall wall surface photo

Capturing sunlight patterns on a tall wall is an eco home architectual design option for privacy or lack of a view.